Shift & Move Forward: Day 2 Challenge


Let’s shift & move forward through a 5-Day Challenge.

Day 2 – Replace “I have to” with “I choose to”.
The power to choose what is best for our own lives is our greatest power and means of changing/transforming our lives. If your life is filled with “I have to”, it’s time to shift how you think about what you are doing or stop doing things that don’t enrich your life.
Exercise: Write a list of things that you are doing that are draining your energy and/or feel like obligations in a less than positive way. Reflect on why you are doing the things on your list. What is the benefit to you or those you love/care about? Write the benefit next to each activity that you have listed. It will serve as a reminder of why certain activities are important and why you are choosing to do them, even if they are challenging. If there is no real benefit to you or those you love/care about, consider eliminating it.
What will you shift or eliminate today?
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