First Things First


“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

First things first is a phrase that basically means things that are truly important should be prioritized over less important things. What are less important things? Whatever you decide based on the type of life that you want to live.

First things first is something we all know, but many of us struggle to put into practice on a regular basis. There is often a gap between what we say is important and what we actually do. Over time, the gap can contribute to feelings of being inadequate, inauthentic, off track, etc.

Becoming aware of where we have gaps is the first step to creating better alignment between actions and priorities. If you are experiencing a gap between what you say is important and what you actually do on a day-to-day basis, take a step back and explore the gap. Use what you learn to make changes/adjustments to your personal and/or professional life.  

Here’s an activity, best accomplished in writing, to get you started:

  • Create a list of 3-5 things that are important to you. Be specific as possible. Put them in order.
  • Reflect on the past three months and record the order in which these things have been a priority in your life.
  • Is the first thing on your list, first in your life? If not, why not?
  • Do the things on your list reflect what you (vs. someone else) want for your life?
  • Identify steps you can take to align your actions with the order of the priorities on your list.
  • Ask someone you trust to lovingly hold you accountable.
  • Take action

Priority setting is an effective tool to create focus in your life. It will help you stay true to what matters most in your life.

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Make the most of your time


Time is one of your most valuable resources and it is inextricably linked to your life. The way you spend your time is the way you spend your life. Spend it wisely. 🙂

Here are a few strategies that can help you make the most of your time:

  • Know your purpose/mission and let it be your guide.
  • Set clear, purpose-driven goals.
  • Plan and prioritize tasks related to your goals.
  • Create a schedule (daily/weekly/monthly) and stick to it.
  • Focus on results/getting things done; not on being busy.
  • Be willing to say no to people and activities that are not in alignment with your goals.

The key to making the most of your time is to stay laser focused on what matters most in your life.

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