Make Peace with the Past

Making peace with the past is a lot easier said than done. It requires a commitment to facing things that may be painful, regretful, or less desirable so that we can live fully in the present.

The past can be a great teacher if we allow it to be or it can hold us back. If you look back on your past and feel emotionally charged with sadness, anger, or regret, it is a clue that there are parts of it that are unprocessed. Explore what you are feeling about your past and commit to working through what needs to be processed and healed. Do what’s right for you so that you can be fully present and not living in the past.

Questions for reflection:

  • What in my past is keeping me from being fully present?
  • Who or what do I need to forgive?
  • What steps can I take today to make peace with the past?

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Be Willing to Change


Blue Butterfly

“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked. “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

Hope for the Flowers

I recently re-read a wonderful book titled Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus.

It is a light-hearted story about two caterpillars (Stripe and Yellow) and their journey to become butterflies. It has become one of my favorite gift books about trust and transition/letting go.

The process of becoming a butterfly begins when the caterpillar responds to an internal urge to grow and evolve. In order to fulfill its potential, the caterpillar must give up its life as a caterpillar to be reborn and serve a different purpose. As winged creatures, butterflies provide hope for the flowers’ reproduction through the process of pollination.

The journey of the two butterflies in Hope for the Flowers is a great reminder that we too must trust our inner urges/promptings to grow and evolve in order to reach our full potential.

This week, I invite you to pay attention to inner urges/promptings to do something different/make changes in your life and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

One of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone is to set a goal and immediately take action. Fear of the unknown will keep you stuck until you put fear in its place through action.

The journey of life is a series of beginnings and endings for the purpose of growth and evolution. Our challenge is to trust the process and be willing to let go of the ‘old version’ of ourselves in order to grow.

Old photo

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Release the past


Past Future

I can think of a time in my life when my primary focus was on past mistakes, missed opportunities, and the wrong doing of others. It was a dead end focus that kept me anchored in the past, silently suffering in the present, and not truly moving forward. 

Through an ongoing process of forgiveness, I learned to release the past, resentment, and anger that I felt toward myself and others. Instead of looking back on challenging or painful situations with resentment and regret, I began to look back and ask what I learned about myself (first and foremost) and others and how the ‘lessons learned’ could help me grow. This was an ongoing process that helped me get unstuck and move forward.  

The first step to release the past is to decide to release the past. There is great power in deciding to let it go. There is even more power in writing your decision down.

Once you have affirmed your decision to release the past in writing, sit with your decision in silence and allow your wise self that awaits you in silence  to guide your steps forward. You have the power to release the past so that you can begin to truly moving forward.  

Questions for reflection:

  • What in my past is keeping me from enjoying the present?
  • What in my past is keeping me from proactively creating my future?
  • What steps can I take to release the past so that I can truly move forward?

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Autumn: Release/Let Go

Autumn leaves

Each season brings gifts and opportunities for growth as we journey through the year.

Autumn is a season of reflection, thanksgiving, completion, and letting go of what no longer serves you so that you can fully embrace the new year.

I invite you to begin the process of bringing this year to a close by reflecting on the year relative to your goals. Celebrate what you have accomplished to date and make a plan, if you don’t already have one, to complete what needs to be completed by the end of the year.

Give thanks for your blessings as a part of this process. If you keep a gratitude journal, take time to review what you have captured over the course of the year and how your life has changed as a result of your blessings. If you don’t have a regular gratitude practice, consider starting a daily practice of writing 3-5 things you consider gifts, blessings, or life lessons in a journal or notebook.

Set aside 15-20 minutes of silence each day in coming weeks to explore what you need to release so that you can fully embrace the new year. Begin your quiet time by asking what is complete and ready to be released. Expect that you will receive guidance. When you ask a question in the context of sacred time, it is no longer a simple question. It is an invocation for revelation. Capture your guidance in a notebook or journal and move into action with confidence that you are being guided to your highest good.

Autumn is a wonderful time to clear clutter in preparation for the new year and new opportunities. Be willing to let go of things that no longer bring you joy or serve your highest good.

Start setting yourself up for an amazing new year now (yes, now! 🙂 ).

Questions for reflection

  • What have I accomplished this year?
  • What didn’t I accomplish that I really wanted to? Why?
  • Who or what has been my greatest blessing? Why?
  • What is complete in my life and ready to be released so that I can embrace the next phase of my journey?
    • Assess all areas of your life
  • How can I begin releasing what is complete with gratitude and love?
    • Trust your inner guidance

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