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Be committed, not attached



“Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference.”


The difference between being committed and being attached is the ability to trust.

Trust enables us to dream big, set goals, work toward our goals, and stay open to more than one outcome. Trust enables us to ask “what did I learn?”, “how did I grow?” when things don’t go as we planned.

Commit to taking the action needed to bring your goals to life, but guard against being attached to a specific outcome. When we are attached to a specific outcome, we try to control the process rather than trust the process. Trust enables us to keep our minds focused and our hearts open to guidance as we pursue our goals.

The true power of commitment lies in your ability to make decisions, act on your decisions, and trust the process.

Need help staying open to guidance? I invite you to read my post Give yourself the gift of silence

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Release the past

Past Future

I can think of a time in my life when my primary focus was on past mistakes, missed opportunities, and the wrong doing of others. It was a dead end focus that kept me anchored in the past, silently suffering in the present, and not truly moving forward. 

Through an ongoing process of forgiveness, I learned to release the past, resentment, and anger that I felt toward myself and others. Instead of looking back on challenging or painful situations with resentment and regret, I began to look back and ask what I learned about myself (first and foremost) and others and how the ‘lessons learned’ could help me grow. This was an ongoing process that helped me get unstuck and move forward. It was a process that required me to use my personal powerthe power of choice and actionto make real changes in my life.

The first step to release the past is to decide to release the past. There is great power in deciding to let it go. There is even more power in writing your decision down.

Once you have affirmed your decision to release the past in writing, sit with your decision in silence and allow your wise self that awaits you in silence  to guide your steps forward. You have the power to release the past so that you can begin to truly moving forward.  

Questions for reflection:

  • What in my past is keeping me from enjoying the present?
  • What in my past is keeping me from proactively creating my future?
  • What steps can I take to release the past so that I can truly move forward?

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Give yourself the gift of silence


Let silence take you to the core of your life.


When I was growing up, my mom used to make me and my siblings spend time alone on a regular basis. She felt it was important for us to learn to enjoy our own company and not feel compelled to fill our time with other people or activities to be content and happy.

Spending time alone was never an issue for me. I am an introvert by nature and quiet time alone is how I recharge and reenergize. I looked forward to and enjoyed my time alone. 

As I look back on my childhood, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to my mom for laying the foundation for what has proven to be a very important daily practicetime alone in silence to cultivate patience, peace of mind, and trust in the process of being internally guided.

If you don’t already have a regular practice of spending time alone in silence, I encourage you to create time in your day to be still and silent. Strive for 15-20 minutes in silence each day.

If sitting in silence is new to you, start small. Take five minutes or ten minutes out of your day. Set a timer so that you can be fully present to the moment and not watching the clock. You may want to consider lighting a candle* as a focal point for your time in silence as well as a symbol of your inner light that guides your way. When the timer goes off, bring your quiet time to a close in a spirit of gratitude for the gift of silence. Capture any guidance you receive in a notebook or journal and begin to take action.

In the beginning, the benefits of spending time in silence may not be obvious, however, as you continue with this practice, I believe you will feel a deeper sense of peace and trust in the process of being internally guided.

Questions for reflection:

  • Are you comfortable being alone? If not, why not?
  • Are you comfortable in silence? If not, why not?

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*never leave a candle burning unattended.

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2018: Create a New Chapter

And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” Meister Eckhart

A new year provides us with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in our lives. To get the most out of your new beginning, spend some time bringing 2017 to a close. Here are a few questions for reflection.

  • What did I accomplish in 2017?
  • What didn’t I accomplish that I really wanted to? Why?
  • Who or what was my greatest blessing? Why?
  • What is complete in my life and ready to be released so that I can begin a new chapter in 2018?

What are you inspired to begin this year? Declare it in the comment section below.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018.


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Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is an inside jobit’s not something that you go out and find, it’s something that you create one day at a time. How much time have you scheduled this week for things that you truly enjoy?

In preparation for the coming week, I invite you to create a “top 10 list” of things that you enjoy. It can be as simple as reading, writing, walking, spending time with others, or spending time alone. Search your heart and make the list your own.

Take Action

Create time in your day (every day) to do at least one thing that you truly enjoy.

In full disclosure, this post was inspired by my own realization that I didn’t have enough things that are special to me on my list of things to do. I love to browse bookstores, however, I have not browsed in a long time. It’s on my list of things to do this week. 🙂

Create Your Happiness

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Organize for Success

PowerPoint PresentationOrganizing is a process of bringing together/coordinating resources to achieve a desired goal. The key to effective organizing is to have a clear vision of your goal.

I have outlined five steps, best accomplished in writing, to help you begin the process.

Step one is to determine your goal/desired outcome.

  • What does success look like? Envision what you desire and capture your vision on paper through words and/or images. Consider creating a vision board.

Step two is to determine why your desired outcome is important to you.

  • Why do you want what you have outlined in step one? What is your motivation?

Step three is to identify obstacles to reaching your goal and ways to overcome.

  • What might get in the way of you reaching your goal? How will you overcome?

Step four is to determine what resources you will need to bring your vision to life.

  • What will it take to bring your vision to life in terms of time, energy, money, and others? Be specific and realistic.
  • Plan backward.  

Step five is to implement your plan.

  • What is one thing you can do this week to stay true to your vision of success?

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Stand For, Not Against

PowerPoint Presentation

Take a stand for what you believe and magnify it in your life.

When we know what we stand for, we spend time and energy creating what we want instead of spending time and energy fighting against/resisting what we don’t want.

Resistance can feel good in the moment and give us a sense of power, however, it is not solution or growth oriented. When we are in resistance mode, we are focused on what we don’t want; rather than proactively creating what we want. 

Take time each day to renew your connection to your heart to help you stay focused on what you want to magnify in your life and in the world (e.g., peace, love, joy, etc.).

Global change begins with personal transformation. 

In preparation for the week ahead, I invite you to reflect on the following questions. 

  • What do I stand for? 
  • How can I magnify it in my life?

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