Reclaim Your Power

The power to choose what is best for your life is your greatest power and means of evolving your life (i.e., relationships, finances, career, etc.)

In the busyness of life, it’s easy to operate on autopilot and forget that we create our lives one choice at a time and we can make a different choice, at any given moment, to change our lives. Sometimes we don’t realize we’re on autopilot until we suddenly ‘wake up’ and realize we’re not making progress on the things that matter the most to our lives. Busyness can sometimes give us a false sense of progress.

Indecision is also a choice that keeps us from making progress. Indecision begins with small things and can become a way of life. Do you find yourself saying “I don’t know”, “I don’t care”, “It doesn’t matter”, or “You decide” frequently? If so, begin to reclaim your power by making decisions for your life, even in small matters.

If this topic resonates with you, I invite you to create awareness of the choices that you are making on a daily basis and the impact they are having on your life. Keep in mind, not making a choice is also a choice.

Questions for Daily Reflection:

  • What choices did I make today? Why? Were they empowering or disempowering choices?

Empowering choices are in alignment with your values/what is most important to you, affirm your sense of worth and personal freedom, boost your energy, and help you move forward. Disempowering choices are the opposite. They may or may not be conscious.

Life is all about choices. Use the power of reflection to bring awareness to what you are choosing for your life.

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