Let Your Inner Compass Be Your Guide

Are you aware that you have a built in guidance system? Your heart is your spiritual core, center of truth, inner compass, and guide to living your highest potential. You invoke the wisdom of your heart when you ask yourself questions like “What is true for me?, “What do I value most in life?”, “What is best for my life?”. Your heart intuitively knows the answer.

We are all gifted with intuition; however, we are not always tuned into it or open to receive it. Your intuition is a rich source of information that is always available to you. There are many ways to tap into your intuition. Here are a few:

  • Questions: Ask your wise self a question and listen for an answer. You may receive an answer immediately or it may take a few days or even weeks. Be patient and trust the process.
  • Silence: Give yourself the gift of silence on a daily basis so that you can hear your inner guidance.
  • Keep a journal: Put your thoughts on paper without filtering what you are writing. Review and reflect on what you have captured in your journal on a regular basis.
  • Take action: Taking action on guidance opens the door for you to receive more.

A new way of living begins when you choose to live from the heart and guidance within. I’ve included a link to my Living from the Inside Out video for your reference.

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