Expect the Best for Your Life

Expectations are powerful. They can help us move forward or they can hold us back. If you are feeling stuck in life, ask yourself “What am I expecting?” and see what comes up. This simple, but powerful question will bring awareness to the beliefs and/or fears that are holding you back. Once you have awareness of what is holding you back, you can work on changing your mindset.

We change our minds by replacing limiting thoughts and beliefs with empowering thoughts and beliefs that enable us to create what we desire. It’s a journey and a process. Chapter 4, “Be Willing to Let Go”, in Be True to You: A Practical Guide to Pursuing an Authentic Path is designed to help you change and refocus your mind.

We all experience times in our lives when we are held back by limiting beliefs and/or fear. Embrace these times as opportunities to change, grow, and deepen your trust in the process of life. When we trust the process, we dream big, set goals, work toward our goals, and expect the best for our lives. If things don’t go as planned, trust enables us to ask “What did I learn?”, “How did I grow?” and use our lessons learned to keep moving forward.

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Be True to You: A Practical Guide to Pursuing an Authentic Path is available at Amazon.com

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