Ground Your Energy

Earth Woman

Living in the here and now is necessary to bring your vision to life. Check in with yourself on a regular basis to stay grounded and present in your life.

Questions for reflection/check-in:

  • Do I feel comfortable in my body?
  • Do I feel safe, secure, and nurtured in my home?
  • Do I feel connected to nature and the cycle of life?
  • Am I patient with myself and others?
  • Am I able to focus, plan, organize, take action, and trust the process of bringing my vision to life?

I have listed a few practical ways to help you stay grounded and present in your life.

Cultivate qualities that support your whole life

  • Cultivate patience, structure, stability, and a sense of security in your life.
  • Cultivate balance and harmony in your life.

Take Care of Your Body

  • Do what you can on a daily basis to maintain your physical health.
  • Love the skin you are in.

Stay open to possibility

  • Make time in your day to be still and silent and sincerely ask “What is possible for my life?”
    • When you ask a question in the context of sacred time, it is no longer a simple question. It is an invocation for revelation. 

Cultivate a deep sense of connection to nature and the cycle of life

  • Spend time in natural settings.
  • Make direct contact with the earth
    • Put your bare feet on the ground, sit down or lie down on ground.
  • Explore the seasons as a metaphor for your life.
  • Experience sunrise and sunset as often as possible.
  • Learn and observe the phases of the moon.

The power to create and change your life is in the here and now. Cultivate habits and practices to help you stay grounded and present in your life.

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