Listen to Your Life

Listen closelyAre you familiar with the phrase “as within, so without”?  It means your external reality (i.e., physical reality that you see) is a manifestation of your inner reality (i.e., thoughts, beliefs, and emotions).

Your inner reality affects how you live your life each and every day—positively and negatively. Many of us are operating on auto pilot, not fully paying attention to how our inner reality is shaping our lives day to day. If your external reality is not what you desire, take a step back and listen to your life to help you make changes from the inside out.

Questions for reflection (best accomplished in writing):

  • If my life reflects my inner reality, what is my life telling me right now? 
    • You can make this question specific to an area of your life that you would like to improve (e.g., if my finances reflect my inner reality, what are my finances telling me about my thoughts and beliefs about money right now?)
  • What seeds am I planting in my mind? Are they seeds of faith or seeds of doubt?
  • What thoughts and beliefs do I need to replace to create the life that I desire?

Get clear and take action:

  • Get clear as to what you would like to change, why you would like to make a change, how and when you plan to make it happen. 
  • Take consistent action and trust the process.

All change in the physical world begins with a change in your mind. Take time to listen to your life. It can help you make changes from the inside out.  

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