Check Your Progress

FocusOne of the best ways to focus your time, energy, and money is to set a goal. Goals enable you to go from hoping and wishing to manifesting what you desire.

The journey from setting to achieving goals is fraught with obstacles, challenges, and distractions. If we are not laser focused on what truly matters, little by little, we can lose sight of our goals.

It is a great time in the new year to do a progress check. Spend some time today considering the following questions:

  • Is the way I am spending my time, energy, and money helping me create what I envisioned for my life in 2018?
  • Am I creating and nurturing the relationships I need to bring my goals to life?

If you don’t feel like you are making progress toward your goals, consider taking the following actions:

  • Keep track of how you are spending your time, energy, and money in a journal or notebook every day for the next seven days. Use the results to see where you need to make adjustments in support of your goals. Small changes on a daily basis can have a big effect. 
  • Make a commitment to nurture your personal and professional network. Commit through actionmake a call, send an email, or set up time to meet in person.
  • Ensure your goals are SMART, use positive language, and affirm what you want to create versus what you want to avoid.

The journey from setting to achieving  goals is a creative and dynamic process. Have fun, make changes where changes are needed, and trust the process.

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