New Beginnings

The month of March holds the promise of new beginnings as we journey into spring in the northern hemisphere.

On a personal level, spring invites us to start fresh, be hopeful, joyful, creative, and open to possibility. There are many ways to embrace the season  cleaning and clearing clutter, beginning a new project, setting a new goal, reconnecting to nature and the planet that is our home  just to name a few.

The spring ritual of cleaning and clearing out clutter is a great way to transition into the energy of the season to make room for new beginnings, new opportunities, and new blessings to come into your life. A great place to start is to clean and clear your home/space of:

  • Things that you no longer need or use
  • Things that you no longer feel connected to
  • Things that keep you stuck/anchored in the past

Begin a new project

  • Life is always inviting us to reach, stretch, and grow. Initiate a new beginning by starting a new project or setting a new goal that will help you stretch and grow. Stay open to possibility and be willing to leave your comfort zone.

Deepen your sense of connection to nature and the planet that is our home

  • Spend time in natural settings and experience the beauty of the season as it unfolds
  • Plant and nurture seeds/seedlings and watch them grow
  • Make direct contact with the earth
    • Put your feet on the ground, sit or lie down on the ground

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